Business Aircraft Leasing, Inc. was established and incorporated in 1981 for the purpose of filling a gap in the executive aircraft brokerage business by specializing in aircraft leasing. At that time, there were significant numbers of aircraft operators for whom leasing was more economically attractive than conventional sales and financing methods. Business Aircraft Leasing, Inc.'s aim was to secure high quality short and long-term leases for these operators.

To accomplish this goal, Business Aircraft Leasing, Inc. diligently searched the corporate aircraft market and institutional marketplaces. This more time consuming approach of serving the same client's changing needs was chosen over the "arranging a single transaction and never being heard from again," approach. The strategy of working with the same clients time and again led to the creation of more complex leasing arrangements. As the client base grew, a significant number of aircraft sales grew as well.

In the 1980's, Business Aircraft Leasing, Inc.'s relationship approach allowed it to lease more Gulfstream G-IIs and G-IIIs than any other broker worldwide. However, as customers' needs changed, the number of sales soon exceeded the number of leases. Large portions of those sales were generated from clients who had previously used Business Aircraft Leasing, Inc.'s services. The corporate strategy to develop a dedicated client base of repeat business proved correct.

Intentionally maintained as a small company, Business Aircraft Leasing, Inc.'s staff is able to devote individualized attention to their clients. Almost thirty years of experience has resulted in a total understanding of the customer's needs and the efforts required to completely satisfy those needs.

Business Aircraft Leasing, Inc. has an exceptional understanding of the business jet market place. The experience gained while working repeatedly with and for companies such as DuPont, Sony, AOL, GTE/Verizon, Columbia/HCA Healthcare, Louisiana-Pacific and Merck Pharmaceutical as well as many financial institutions such as CIT, FifthThird, FINOVA Capital, BTM (Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi) Management and John Hancock Leasing Corporation and others has culminated in a proven blueprint for the marketing, selling and leasing of all types of corporate aircraft.

Since its creation, the company has maintained its simple philosophy:

"Provide every customer with exclusive, dedicated service"